Leaving a legacy of inclusion

By including Fairhaven in your Will, you are helping reach the lives of those on the Central Coast who face some of the most significant challenges in life.

What legacy have you chosen to leave?

While many things of this world fade over time, one thing is for sure, the lives of those you touch, and impact will echo through history. By considering a bequest to Fairhaven, you can make your legacy one that counts as a reflection of your care for your community and those who are considered the most vulnerable.

Your generosity will help Fairhaven remain active in the lives of countless residents of the Central Coast. 

What will my giving achieve?

Our purpose is to create opportunities where people living with a disability can achieve what they want from life. Some fantastic projects have been made possible because of the generosity of those who have left bequests to Fairhaven. 

When you make a donation or bequest to Fairhaven, you are helping people in need to realise the potential of their abilities. Your gift will go towards providing a range of quality support, programs and opportunities, including:

  • Development of daily living skills such as shopping, meal planning and preparation, learning to use a computer, using public transport.
  • Assistance to attend outings, activities, further education.
  • Independent living and accommodation support.
  • Supported employment through one of our social enterprises.

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare my Will?

Fairhaven strongly suggests you access the expertise of a professional to prepare your Will, and to thoroughly discuss matters pertaining to your wishes, your nominated beneficiaries and any updates to and storage of your Will.

How can my Will help others?

Immediate family and loved ones will be the first ones you consider when dividing your estate. Following this, many people take up the opportunity of giving through their estate to reflect their enduring commitments and passions. Often this is the only time people can provide a significant gift to an organisation they have believed in, supported or been interested in.

What is an Executor?

An executor is someone you appoint in your Will to ensure that the terms of your Will are carried out. Your Executor should be likely to survive you. It is wise to talk the matter over with legal counsel and inform the person(s) to ensure their willingness to act in this capacity.

Can I have someone from Fairhaven act as my executor or trustee?

A person from an organisation named in an estate as a beneficiary should not act as an executor or trustee of an estate as this creates a potential conflict of interest. It is best for you to use your own trusted professional agent, friend, or family member as your executor or trustee.

Can I give to a specific project or only to a general-purpose fund?

If you have a particular area of passion, you can nominate your gift to be directed to that specific area. However, nominating a particular type of work or location might mean that we cannot fulfil your wishes if we are no longer doing that particular work or in that specific area in the future. Legacy gifts to Fairhaven’s general fund are extremely valuable as they provide vital funds for long-term planning and development and can be used in areas of most need in years to come. All funds are distributed following involvement from management, the CEO and our Board.

Our promise to you

  1. We understand and support that your loved ones need to be taken care of before any charitable gift is considered in the Will making process.
  2. We will wisely and cautiously use your bequest so that it has the most significant impact for those living with disabilities in our community that is consistent with our mission. We do this with gratitude, sensitivity and respect.
  3. We recognise that your Will is highly confidential and very personal, and we will respect your privacy in our communication with you.
  4. Leaving a legacy is your decision, and one which should be made in your way and at a time that suits you – we will never pressure you in any way.
  5. If you would like, you can inform us that you’ve left a gift in your Will – we would cherish the opportunity to thank you personally. However, we understand if you prefer not.
  6. If, at any time in the future, you change your mind about a gift in your Will to Fairhaven – consulting us or informing us is not necessary.
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