Applying for a position

 How to apply

Applications for Fairhaven jobs should be submitted online or by post; arriving by the closing date. Should you have any questions or problems completing or submitting your application online, please contact the Hiring Manager specified in the job advertisement.


Your resume 

Please supply an up-to-date resume as part of your application outlining details of your experience and employment history. Include information on positions currently and recently held.

Your resume should identify the type of work you have performed and your responsibilities, and provide details of the organisations you have worked for and the period of your employment with them. Personal information (e.g. age, marital status, number of dependents etc) is not relevant to the position and should not be included in your resume.


Your application

You should prepare a short cover letter outlining your relevant experience to the role and why you’d like to work for Fairhaven. Your application should include details on how you meet the requirements of the position or how you can carry out the requirements of the position.

Read the advertisement and the position description carefully so you understand the requirements of the position. You can contact the hiring manager indicated in the advertisement if you have any questions or want to clarify anything.


Addressing the requirements of the role

The selection criteria contain information on the minimum requirements for the position. Other requirements listed such as skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience should be referenced when writing your cover letter and preparing for the interview.

In your application and during the interview provide examples that demonstrate your experience or ability to meet the job criteria. If your application does not address each criterion as requested, you reduce your chances of being short-listed for further assessment. 


Other preparation suggestions: 

  • Visit the Fairhaven website
  • Read any available relevant information e.g. annual reports, strategic plans, newsletters etc
  • Talking to people in similar positions


Useful links:

Online Disability Induction

Applying for a job

Examples of an application/cover letter

Disability Career Planner


The interview

If you have been selected for an interview you will receive either an email or a phone call arrange a suitable interview time.

The purpose of the interview is to provide applicants with an opportunity to expand on the information they provided in their application, and to enable the selection panel to gather further information by asking questions about experience, skills and fit to the role and Fairhaven.

All interviewees will be asked the same questions, which directly relate to the selection criteria. At the conclusion of the interview, you may ask any questions or provide further information in support of your application.

If you are offered an interview and you have special needs, please contact the person listed in the advertisement to discuss any appropriate arrangements you may require.

The interview will be undertaken by a panel of at least two people, usually the contact person listed in the advertisement, a staff member form the same business section and/or an ‘independent’ staff member – usually someone from another business section of Fairhaven.

The role of the panel is to:

  • Assess each applicant’s suitability for the position
  • Conduct referee checks
  • Make a recommendation of suitability


Preparing for the interview

At an interview, preparation is important. Become familiar with the role and the responsibilities, the position description and any other relevant information that can help you explain how you can do the role.

  • Arrive a little early to fill out the application form and allow for any travel delays or finding parking
  • Bring any questions you may have on the role
  • Bring any documents or qualifications relevant to the role



All assessments are to demonstrate your skill and experience for the role. Methods for any further assessing will vary depending on the nature and level of the position and may include one of the following listed. You will be given advance notice and any clarification you require.

  • work samples or tests
  • presentations
  • group exercises or role plays
  • online assessments, such as problem-solving
  • personality assessments


Police Checks / WWCC / WWVP

Note that criminal history or pending charges do not necessarily preclude you from employment with Fairhaven. Applicants with a criminal history may be asked to provide additional information in support of their application and each case will be considered on its merits.

Serious offences that may preclude a person from working with Vulnerable People are:

  • a crime or offence involving the death of a person;

  • a sex-related offence or a crime, including sexual assault (whether against an adult or Child), Child pornography, or an indecent act involving a Child;

  • a crime or offence involving dishonesty that is not minor;

  • fraud, money laundering, insider dealing or any other financial offence or crime, including those under legislation relating to companies, banking, insurance or other financial services.  

Referee information

If you are called for an interview, you will be asked to provide the names and contact numbers of two referees. One of your referees must be a current supervisor/manager. (Where this is not possible, please contact the person named in the job advertisement to discuss possible alternatives.) It is important that you nominate referees who are able to discuss your suitability in relation to the role and provide information in relation to your past performance and professional conduct.

The selection panel may contact your referees shortly after the interview by phone. You should make your referees aware that you have nominated them, and also consider telling them about the role you are applying for.

What’s next?

Once the reference checks and any assessments have been completed, the panel will discuss each application: reviewing your original application, your responses to interview questions and your reference checks.

Offer of employment

If you are a successful applicant, you will receive a phone call with a written offer of employment to be emailed. Information about the terms and conditions of your proposed employment will be included.

If you are deemed suitable for the position, but not ranked first, we will keep your application on file. If the position you applied for, or a similar position, becomes available within 6 months we will contact you via email or phone. You may also be given the opportunity for consideration for other similar vacancies.

Unsuccessful applicants 

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be advised either by phone or email. You are encouraged to seek feedback from the selection panel. Such feedback can help you to understand the selection panel’s decision and to discuss any feedback to assist you with future applications with Fairhaven.



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