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November/December 2019 Update:

Christmas is nearly upon us for another year. From my perspective, this year has flown by and I can’t quite fathom that we will soon be living in the year 2020!

And what a year it’s been. Two major pieces of work undertaken this year were the relocation of the Point Clare CoPack operations to Tuggerah, and the implementation of our new client management system (Cimsability), together with Microsoft Dynamics NAV – our new payroll and finance system. I note these two events in particular, as they required a mammoth team effort right across the organisation. It was, and is, a privilege to lead people who are committed to high-level results and I’m delighted that at the end of 2019 these are proving to be sound decisions that will set us well on our future path.

As with any major change, we lost a few people along the way… All of them were thanked for their contribution and we continue to wish them well in their lives after Fairhaven. The annual Christmas Fair is scheduled for Saturday 7 December and as usual, we wish for great weather so that this event can be enjoyed by our participants and their families, our staff, volunteers and the general public.

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Fairhaven Christmas Fair is HERE!

This weekend is our Christmas Fair! Come and join in the fun with our amazing stalls and entertainmen tguaranteed to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

The Fairhaven Happy Tappers are going to be showcasing their talents at our Christmas Fair. We can’t wait to have a boogie with them!

If you haven’t already – check out our Facebook event, it’s gonna be a great day and we would love to have you with us.




















On Thursday November 28, our amazing Dramarama theatre group held their ‘Jolly Holiday’ performance. We had a great crowd and every person (on stage or in the audience) loved every minute of it!

Thanks as always to the fabulous Helen Anderson for organising and running the event!

Volunteer Awards

Gosford City Rotary Club honoured some of our volunteers recently. We love that the incredible Carol Holder (photo right) and the amazing Deb Hoyne are being recognised for their great work. Congratulations Carol and Deb!

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Christmas and the holiday season is upon us! Have a restful and safe break. See you all in 2020. We hope you enjoy staying updated. Follow us on Facebook for regular photos and announcements. 

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