Peter has been a supported employee at Fairhaven for almost 20 years.

With his positive attitude and exceptional attention to detail, he now leads a small upcycling team that produces a range of stylish hand made furniture pieces from reclaimed materials.

Over the last 12 months he has received workplace training in the use of electrical equipment such as a planer and
angle grinder. Peter is eager to continue learning, his self directed goals for next year include gaining his forklift licence, learning metric measurement and to further develop tool and leadership skills.

“Peter is a private person by nature. He knows what he wants to achieve.” Re-Create Facility Co-ordinator Scott remarked. “It’s great to see Peter take on responsibility that empowers him.”

Fairhaven is the largest provider of supported employment on the NSW Central Coast. Our employees enjoy working in a nurturing and inclusive environment. There are a variety of opportunities for people of all ability and interest.

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