Familiar name.

Brand new look.

At a time when Australian families are facing massive changes to the way they receive funding and manage their support needs, it is more important than ever for people to feel secure and confident with their choice of disability service provider.

Fairhaven’s new brand positioning reflects our commitment to being a trustworthy and agile provider of disability supports and services.

In April 2018 we officially took flight with a brand new identity.



The new branding moves away from the traditional blue and orange colour palette that has been associated with Fairhaven for over two decades. A fresh bold Lime Green hue was chosen as the primary colour to represent growth and new directions, and is bright and optimistic.



The previous Fairhaven logo used geometric typeface Century Gothic set in uppercase for the moniker. However when measuring up against our new vision and values, we looked for a typeface with more humanist qualities. Reef Bold set in lowercase was chosen, its soft rounded edges gave the light upbeat feel that we were looking for.



Through the rebrand process it become clear that we are quite simply and affectionately known as ‘Fairhaven’ in our relationships with families, business partners and the community. It was decided to drop the word Services from the new brand name.



An element that was missing in the previous Fairhaven Services logo was a graphic device.

We wanted to avoid the generic images of the sector and steered clear of clichéd icons and clipart-like symbols. It was important that our new graphic represent something real, an aspirational device that would represent the needs and goals of our clients and their families.

The symbol of a dragonfly was chosen for its characteristics of transformation and adaptability, ability to see beyond limitations and living life to the fullest. A dragonfly icon was custom designed and is unique in its stylisation. This artistic direction would ensure that we will easily differentiate from others in the market.

A survey was conducted where all staff were invited to name the dragonfly icon. Amid much excitement, the dragonfly character became known as Bunji, which is an Aboriginal word for friend or mate.



In keeping with our strategic pillars of quality and sustainability, the rebrand project was developed entirely in-house and led by an internal committee that included staff, board, client and family members.

From start to finish this has been a major undertaking by a relatively small team of talented, insightful people who came together with a common goal: to convey in a meaningful and distinct way what Fairhaven stands for in everything we do, and have done since our inception in 1962.



Ultimately we hope that this rebrand will broaden Fairhaven’s appeal to families who seek support to achieve their goals, and encourage project partners, customers and donors to continue to support our work across the local community in which we all live, work and play.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new look.

If you are so inclined, please give us your feedback below:

The previous logo 2014-2017
The new logo

Our vision is a world where every individual matters, starting right here.

Our purpose is to create opportunities where people with disability can achieve what they want from life.

We see you and we get you. We’ll work hand in hand with you to achieve what you want from your life. That’s our promise.

Our values underpin our organisational culture and were confirmed through a collaborative process with the Fairhaven team:

Be real.

Have fun.

Do your best.

Work together.

Make sure it’s fair.

Stand up for others.

Dare to be different.

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