Having been a supported employee for several years at packaging hub Pacific CoPack, Kylie has worked across most of the production areas. With a tendency to continually handle the products, there have been some limits to the kinds of tasks she was able to take on.

But since starting her first NDIS Plan with funding in place for ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’, Kylie now has a dedicated support worker alongside during a shift one day a week. The result has been nothing short of fantastic!

The one-on-one guidance has enabled Kylie to focus on the packing process with minimal unnecessary handling. Support worker Katie is attentive and focused on helping Kylie to achieve her goals which has enabled her to manage a full day shift at work for the first time. “She’s changed my life in a lot of ways, very helpful on the job. I love having her working with me” said Kylie.

With ongoing support Kylie’s productivity and confidence continues to sky rocket. Kylie has progressed from simple packing and labelling to slightly more complex tasks like weighing product.

What Kylie really enjoys about working at Fairhaven is “the supervisors, the functions they have (BBQ, sausage sizzle), the carers at community. The nice people on the job. I like doing Pandora cushions.”

Kylie’s abilities do not enable her to do this work independently. Her life has changed with the support she receives in the workplace. “I enjoy everyone’s company and they’re very helpful, it’s close to home too and I’m happy”.

Fairhaven has been a provider of supported employment on the NSW Central Coast since 1983. Employees enjoy the social interaction and sense of achievement from being part of a workforce like their families and neighbours. You are free to work independently or with your chosen support worker as part of your NDIS Plan funding.