Heather began learning to play the ukulele with self-described “musically curious” support worker Gareth.

Right from the start, Heather displayed a great sense of rhythm (and style!), but had trouble strumming with her fingers or holding a pick.

A keen artist, she had more success using a paintbrush, but the bristles didn’t give a particularly nice sound.

So, using simple materials and a little bit of ingenuity, Gareth designed a long-handled strumming device (aka “Pick on a Stick”) specifically for Heather’s ability; this made it easier for her to practise while developing her flexibility/dexterity.

Heather is developed her skills and is now able to play, pick-in-hand! She really enjoys strumming up a storm as she works towards developing a more traditional technique.

Music lessons can be costly, but when you buddy up with a musically-minded support worker, it is possible to learn to play an instrument in a relaxing and inexpensive manner.