In the five years that Deb has been volunteering at the Point Clare shopping village, she’s seen a lot of changes.

“The op shop has improved 100%, it looks fantastic and has a very welcoming atmosphere. And I’ve been blown away by the move toward upcycling and how well it involves Fairhaven’s supported employees. It is fantastic the way people can make amazing things just from bits and pieces.”

Having worked in childcare previously and other volunteer gigs, Deb now does three days a week at Vintage Fair Shopping Village and is happy get to involved with the fundraising events too.

“Anything that looks like fun, I’m there! It is lovely to get to know the regular customers, they come in to shop and eat, are happy to support us and are always stopping by to say hello.”

“Recently a few more supported employees have started working with us in the retail area and sorting room along with a support worker. It’s been a great fit, everyone working together as part of one team. We have a lot of fun and many laughs.”

“I recommend any one should come on board and volunteer with us. It’s a great cause and it’s awesome. Never a dull moment. Live life, love life!”

Fairhaven’s charity op shop thrives on the support and enthusiasm of people like Deb. Volunteering is a fantastic way to try something new, gain experience, develop skills and meet new people. Get involved with Fairhaven and help make a difference to someone’s life. Volunteer some regular hours or days, all ages welcome.

Volunteer with Fairhaven!