Daniel began supported employment at packaging hub Pacific CoPack this year. He had NDIS Plan funding in place for ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’. Daniel turned up to his first day on the job and easily settled in as if he had always been here.

He is adept at doing the precision work. Some of the manual hand assembly tasks are quite complicated and require a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, for which he is perfectly suited.

Daniel picks up new things instantly and works independently, he will often find a creative way of doing something quickly and efficiently. His contributions are invaluable.

He enjoys coming to work here: “I like having a bit of variety and meeting new staff and friends.”

Daniel has achieved a natural progression of life in his transition to work.

Helen – David's mum

We are very happy with the services provided by Fairhaven for David as they make a considerable difference to his well being especially the social interaction and other skills he has been taught.

Adam – supported to learn telling the time

I’m learning what I can do, to learn about things that everyone else just knows.
When I’m at home now I actually look at the clock and I know what it means!

Daniel – supported employee

I like having a bit of variety and meeting new staff and friends.

Kylie – supported employee

I enjoy everyone’s company and they’re very helpful, it’s close to home too and I’m happy.

Brooke – supported employee

I work at the Fairhaven at Tuggerah and it's honestly a good place for me socially and work as well!

Gareth – support worker

My world has opened up more than I could ever imagine.
I've met some amazing people, made great friends, and have a job I'm proud of that makes a contribution to my community.